Welcome to Brooklyn, part of New York City but with a personality, an attitude and a history all its own.  It could be its own city (and was) and yet, it is also a collection of neighborhoods that are a lot like small towns.  That insight inspired a mystery series set in different Brooklyn neighborhoods and linking modern day crime with the ever-present, ever-elusive past.

From beautiful Park Slope brownstones to historic Victorian Green-Wood Cemetery, from the Jewish gangsters of Brownsville to the freedmen village of Weeksville to the old and always current tensions between old and new groups of immigrants, Brooklyn has great stories and Erica Donato is the person to tell them.

Erica  Donato is a true daughter of the old Brooklyn whose life has taken her many miles from home, if only mentally. She is an oldish urban history grad student, a youngish single mom of a teen-age girl, with a shabby house at the ungentrified end of a trendy neighborhood.  She keeps it together, just barely, with Brooklyn grit, Brooklyn humor and some good friends.

Her career as an urban historian brings her to Brooklyn’s checkered past and its modern crimes. In the new book, Brooklyn Graves (March,2014), the murder of a close friend, the mystery of why a decrepit mausoleum with Tiffany windows is now off limits even to a famed art historian, and the secret concealed by charming century-old letters, all become Erica’s unwanted puzzles to solve.

Come join her in her adventures all around her hometown.