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Triss Stein Triss Stein
a colorful tale of love, loss, greed, and murder.
     —Publishers Weekly
Local interest and well-written dialogue keep the pages turning.
Stein layers the lies and swirls the secrets.... Great stuff!
Catriona McPherson
my favorite brew of mystery ingredients
Naomi Hirahara
Scratch the surface of Brooklyn and you find the past...compelling story.
            Sheila Connolly
...she evokes the past so that it becomes just as important as the present...
            Sarah R. Shabe

Each Brooklyn neighborhood has its own history, its own social norms, its own secrets. And its own crimes. Even as change comes roaring in, the past is never completely silent...

Triss Stein

Brooklyn Wars

Brooklyn Wars

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A public meeting becomes a battleground over plans to redevelop the once-proud Brooklyn Navy Yard. Local residents clamor for their own agenda in redeveloping 300 acres overlooking a sparkling downtown Manhattan, while business and real estate experts argue and city officials cower. Erica Donato, still writing her PhD dissertation about changes in city neighborhoods, witnesses the shocking murder of a power-broker that night on the Yard's condemned Admirals' Row.

Erica uncovers the dead man's complicated history with the Yard, with his road to wealth and a high-flyer lifestyle, and with his wives and mistresses. When her daughter, Chris, visits her father's relatives for a family history project, Erica goes along, and learns that the Donato clan was involved in the Navy Yard's glory days and its slow, politics-ridden death...

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